Since 2016, Solworxs Business Services is single stop solution for various Startup business Services.

We are providing the Startup consulting services to achieve the first mile run for taking care of the ideation to implementation. We are uniquely positioned with seven services namely units Solworxs, Startupworxs, Logoworx, Skillworx, Marketwork, Partnerworx, Fundworx offering various services for the multiple segements of the startup ecosystem.

Solworxs - NoCode Solutions with Integration services
Startupworxs - Mentoring Services
Logoworx - Brand building services
Skillworx - Enterprenuership Training
Marketwork - Market outreach services
Partnerworx - Partnering Services
Fundworx - Funding services

Our focus has been the enablement and align Startups on the growth path with quality services delivery. Our efforts are to have 90% of our customers reach us for repeat business. We collaborate with various acclerator programs like ICE, CREADE, FRUITROOT, RAISE to support Startups.

Our goal is to support Startup funding by creating value to attract genuine investment and time to market for sustained revenues.


To support Startup with an ecosystem of business services to be aligned on the first mile run.


To offer quality services for the enablement and growth of the Startups in the first mile run.

Our Focus
  • Partner with Startups for the customer success story.
  • Simplify the reach of most eligible Startups for funding.
  • Consult end-end fund cycle services, formulate strategies, support funding.
  • Build passionate teams for current as well as future business needs of the Startups.
  • Deliver technical solution, fuel digitization, establishing the brand, capitalize on the learnings.
Industry Connect
  • We are connected to the startup forums like Bringle Academy, AhVentures, Analysed Startup Network, Startup Lanes, Iprennuer, StartupMonk, Project SALN, StartupCLUBS, Mentorite, FindMyMentors, BigStartups.
  • We also work closely with the co-work spaces like Starttopia, Sparkplug, GreenBubble, Flexi Coworks, Coworks India, Goldensquare, Blues Rose Incubation, Plug & Play Incubation.
  • We registered for Mentoring services on Karnataka Startup Cell
  • Strategic Advisor for #Design Your Unicon, Johanson3, Loanassist.
Startup Connect
  • Bootstrapped Startups today believe in launching company for growing into an renowned business enterprise.
  • Early Revenue Startups today believe in their strength is the idea/product as the best in the industry.
  • Sustained startups today believe in leadership, culture, people, delivery and connect.

Be Apart Of Our Awesome Team

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Mani Kumar Lakkaraju
Mani Kumar Lakkaraju
Sreekar Pranav Matam
Nocode Solution Developer
Sreekar Pranav Matam
Nocode Solution Developer


Our Collaboration

Ideation Center of Excellence (ICE)

ICE is an an Ideation Acclerator platform and a ecosystem built with required professional services, idea validation, creating the Minimum viable product, business modelling strategies, marketing outreach, sales cycles, organic customers, investor connect, pitching trials, funding and post funding support. The key activity of the program enable founders connec t with the industry experts in various forms including the guest lectures, knowledge sharing sessions, workshops, demo - days, promotional campaigns, 1 - 2 - 1 Mentoring, funding support. The program can be opted for a flexible time of 6/9/12/24/36 months based on the complexity of the ideation and the participants can track the programs updates, activity progress at ease on the ICE mobile app, which allows collaboration to a greater extent.


CREADE is an next generation startup Accleration program with 5G collaboration for ideas to Grain, Glide, Gaurd, Gale, Go. The program is exclusively created with key focus to support the founders with right platform for the brewing of new age ideas mostly technology driven. The areas taken care as part of the program Artificial Intelligence, 5G Technology, Augumented Reality, Blockchain, Autonomus Vechiles, Human Enhancements, Space Access, Genetic Engineering, Quantum Computing, Smart Robots. The program is run as a circuit like one for ea ch quarter wih 20 startups to be onboarded which will create the facilite the structure by end of the program. CREADE mobile app, which allows collaboration to a greater extent.


RAISE is an Risk assesent platform for startups. Each startup can exc ersie a quick test of the risks for various challenges to be faced and keep focus on the progress of the idea in the growth path to make it scalable. The program is exclusively created with key focus to support the founders with risk assesments for the new , current, future ideas with suitable guidelines for the ensuring the implementation is fruitful. RAISE mobile app, which allows platform collaboration to a greater extent.

Design your Unicorn

Design Your Unicorn is an lean startup enrichment platform for startups. Each startup can apply and excercise the chances for the making their idea an Unicorn. The program is exclusively created with key focus to support the founders with six sigma level based approach to make the startup more lean and flexible ma ximizing the chances to become the unicorn. The platform support bordeless access to other startup ecosystems, expert talks, meetups, Mentoring, LEAN measurements, quality certifications and many more essentially building the quality DNA of the Startups.


Funding: GTM Ventures, Exigo
Consulting, Excelbiz Advisors, Lead Angels, IAN
Business Loans: Loanassist, KREDEX,
Coyote Consulting: Company Secretary
Creative Heed: Digital Marketing
UforMedia: Content & Creatives
Golden Square: Incubation
Nuvodev Technologies: Websites
DC Studio: Creatives
Alethia Legal: IP Attorney
CSR Associates: Statutories
PSR Law Chambers: Legal
Finacial Advisory: Aasha Financials
Rajbabu & Associates: CA, Accounting, etc.

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